Magic Massager Deluxe 8x -Discreet design

$ 80.00 $ 75.00

• Offers unbeatable power & stimulation
• 8 different choices of vibration speeds and pulsating patterns
• Focused vibrations with every touch from head to toe
• Flexible spring head bends to tightly hug your curves
• Use it by yourself or with the partner for foreplay
• Also can be used as a neck and back massager
• Quiet motor protect your privacy
• Protected by 5-year warranty
• Dimensions: 12 inches long from top to bottom and 2.25 inches width
• Massaging head is made from soft and flexible rubber
• Electric powered so it never needs expensive batteries!




While the original massager has two speeds – fast and faster. This new setting lets you easily adjust to the massager’s intense power and stimulation so you can enjoy it even more. The motor is much quieter than the original one so you can enjoy it without waking up people around you. Simply press the bottom function and the button to cycle through the different vibration modes and the top power button to turn your new massager on and off.

In addition to its power, the toy’s versatility is one of its greatest features. You can use it for almost anything, including solo stimulation, foreplay and during sex. There are several other attachments, sold separately, that turns your wand massager into a G-Spot or rabbit vibe as well as a prostate toy. You can even use it for regular neck and back massages. The intense vibrations of the vibrator that feel so amazing on your clit as well as to other body parts, work just as good when it comes to soothing stiff and sore muscles which helps you relax after a tense day. Rinse the massaging tip with a cloth dipped in warm, soapy water after each usage. You can also spray it with any sex toy cleaner and then wipe it clean if you’re in a hurry.


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