Satisfyer 1 – Next Generation Toe-Curling Thrills

$ 38.00 $ 35.00

  1. Waves of air pressure which creates blowing sensations
  2. Scoop-shaped tip fits accordingly to your clit for maximum stimulation
  3. Play with different levels of stimulation modes – from soft foreplay to intense level
  4. Waterproof for wet play in the showers
  5. Dimensions: 2 inches wide by 5.75 inches long
  6. Material: ABS plastic with a soft silicone tip
  7. Battery: Uses 2 AAA batteries which are been sold separately





While most sex toys use direct vibrations for stimulation, this product uses waves of pressure for indirect thrills. The scoop-shaped tip focuses the pressure directly on your clit to make it feel like someone blowing as well as sucking on it. The indirect stimulation helps to keep your clit super sensitive no matter how long you use the toy – so that you’ll never have to worry about over-stimulation again. The product features different intensity modes for a wide range of different sensations. You can start off low for a start in foreplay and then turn up the power when you’re ready to finish. There’s even a special whisper mode provided if you’re worried about getting busted. We strongly urge beginners to start on with the lower settings to avoid overwhelming your senses with the surprisingly intense sensations.

The clitoral stimulator is fully waterproof so you can use it anywhere you go – whether you’re taking a hot shower before heading off to work or even relaxing in the tub after a long stressful day. The watertight seal makes the product easy to clean so you can enjoy a long-lasting relationship with it. The toy measures 2 inches wide by 5.75 inches long. The handle is completely made from firm ABS plastic with a soft and flexible silicone tip for a snug fit. It uses a couple of AAA batteries, sold separately, that fit in easily on the lower part of the handle. The clitoral stimulator should be used with water-based lubes only. Remove the silicone tip and wash it in warm, soapy water after each use. Dry the tip thoroughly before replacing it.


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