Vibrating Silver Bullet 2.0

$ 27.00 $ 25.00

•    Improved Powered motor delivers stronger vibrations than the original one
•    Makes foreplay even more fun even when you are alone
•    Solo fun is a blast with the vibrations rocking your clit
•    Adjustable vibration speeds which ranges from gentle low to strong high ones
•    Dimensions: measures 1 inch wide and 2.25 inches long
•    Material: Durable and easy to clean plastic
•    Batteries: Powered by 2 AAA batteries which are been sold separately




This shockingly powerful egg vibrator comes with new motor which is even stronger and quieter than the original. When the controller set on low, the soothing and gentle vibrations of the product harden your nipples and wet your whistle during foreplay in very less time. And when you spin the controller to higher mode, you’ll be amazed at just how strong this vibrator is actually! The super-charged vibrations drive your clit and vagina wild – giving you a feeling of knee-jerking and body-shaking O!

With its long power cord, the product can easily reach and stimulate erogenous zones all over your body and especially your clit. You can pair it with other types of sex toys like dildos or masturbators to make them even more fun. The egg vibrator measures 1 inch in width and 2.25 inches in length with a 31-inch cord connecting it to the main controller. Both the vibrator and controller are been made from durable plastic. Plastic cleans up easily and also serves as an excellent medium for transmitting vibrations. The product is slimmer and lighter weight so it’s easier to hold and use. Simply twist the dial on the side to turn on the vibrator or adjust the speed. The back of the controller of the vibrator slides off to hold 2 AAA batteries which are usually sold separately.


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