Waterproof Adult Sex Toy for Bathtime Fun Blue Dolphin

$ 22.00 $ 21.00

• Textured Surface and rippled effect
• More Realistic penis head tip
• Material: flexible and smooth jelly
• Adjustable speeds feature
• Waterproof for both bath as well as shower play
• Measures 6 inches long and 1 inch wide in dimensions (insertable)
• Battery: Needs 1 AA batteries which is sold separately




The vibrator’s thick base makes the perfect handle for thrusting when you are alone or with a partner. The textured surface ripples against your hot zones with every “dive-in” which offers shiver-inducing sensations every time when the shaft dips in and out of the hot zone. The powerful vibrations are mostly centered near the tip for maximum effect (pleasure), and the realistic head is gently tapered for much easier insertion, with ripples beneath for more and more excitement. The flexible jelly warms up to feel like a real person, and the designed penis head tip glides in easily with your favorite lubricant.

To change the mode of vibrations, just twist the adjuster ring on the base of the product. This allows the user to select different gentle foreplay settings for arousal, and stronger climax speeds to reach finally, the big O. This easy to use feature of the product means the vibrator power can be increased while using it, providing a customized experience to the user. 

In the base below, a sturdy O ring is been provided which keeps water completelyout of the sex toy which ensures it’s safe to use while in a relaxing bath or even in the pool for underwater as well as very simple to wash off afterwards.Every adult sex toy collection for females should include a classic type of vibrator, and the Dolphin is the perfect candidate, with its adjustable speeds as well as waterproof design for more versatility. The toy is very easy to clean with the help of mild soap and water, the soft jelly material is also compatible with all the sex lubricants for pleasurable play.


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